Game Of Goose2

  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS.-At least two.

OBJECTIVE.-To be the first player to reach the 63rd square on the playing board and win the game.
MATERIALS.-Spiral playing board of 63 squares, a set of dice, and a playing piece of a different color for each player.

  • To BEGIN PLAY.-Each player throws the dice, and the player with the highest number takes the first turn. Payers in turn throw the dice and move their pieces the number of squares equal to the sum thrown.
  • To PLAY.-Players will come upon good luck and bad luck as they progress along the spiral board. If one player lands on a square occu¬pied by another player’s piece, the player who first landed on the square must return to the square just left by the second player.

A player must land exactly on the 63rd square to win. If a higher number is thrown, the player is penalized and must move backwards a number of squares equal to the number of those in excess of 63. If this brings him to a square with a Goose, he must move backwards a num¬ber equal to twice the excess number!Number 3 I.-WELL. The player must pay a fine by losing two turns.

  • Number 42.-MAZE. When a player lands on square Num¬ber 42, he must return to square Number 30.
  • Number 5z.-PRISON. A player landing on this square must remain here until freed by another player landing on the same square.
  • Number 5H.-DEATH’S If a player lands on this square, she is HEAD, severely punished by having to re¬turn to square Number i and begin the game all over.
  • Numbers 26 and 63.- When a player lands or. square Num¬vIcE. ber 26 or 63, he may throw the dice again in the same turn and take an¬other turn.
  • Numbers 5, 14, 22, 32, When a player lands on a square with 41, 50, 59.-GOOSE. a Goose, she gets a second throw of the dice.