Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ad Posting?
A: Ad posting is the very easy online job. The worker has to post different ads (given by us) on thousands of classified websites.

What are the working hours for this job?
A: No working hours limit. You can work 24 hours at any of your convenient time & place. You can even work 1 hour a day or 4 days of week or 24/7. It totally depends on you. Do part time or full time.

What is the age limit for this job?
A: No age limit, if you can really operate computer with general internet knowledge then you can be a part of Wizz Jobs.

What are the basic requirements to get this online ad posting job?
A: The basic requirements for this job are mentioned below a)- Basic Computer Knowledge b)- Reliable internet connection c)- Virus free computer d)- Your concentration & sincerity for this job.

What is the procedure of payments?
A: your will be paid within the 15 days after submission of your report. We have many ways to get paid. There is no any minimum payout level for the payment. We can pay you through Bank Account, Easy Paisa (Telenor) & ubl Omni.

From where will I get Ads?
A: After getting registered with us, we will credential of your member area, That member area contain ads manager, from there you will get ads for posting on classified websites. All you need is to copy & peste ads on different website.

What is the maximum ads limit?
A: There is no maximum limit. You can even post thousands on ads, we will pay you.

What else I have to do?
A: you don’t have to do anything else. You will NEVER have to buy or sell any product or services. You will not be required to speak to customers by phone or email. You only have to post ad, no need to visit them again or again, no need to click on posted ads.

Will I ever have to pay anything else?
A: we personally guarantee that you will never have to pay any fees any more fee.

How much money I can earn from this?
A: This is a very common question, the answer is very simple.There is virtually no limit to the amount you can really earn from this job. The more you will spend time on internet the more you will earn. The more ads you will post the more you will earn. Normally people can earn up to 300 $ per month.

What are the restrictions for this job?
A: There are some restriction in this job. Some are described below a)- Don’t post ads on same websites again & again. b)- Some websites are banned, posting on those websites is strictly prohibited. Every member has to strictly follow member policy. Violating any rule may cause your report reject or account termination.

We are paying high rates than market, we need Quality work. Do this work as a real job if you really want a good income. If you can’t justice with your work, than don’t apply for Wizz JOBS.