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Onlinewizz is a site about some of the most popular board games from both ancient and modern times. It is a site about their history, how to play them, and how to make their boards and playing pieces. As you click, the historical illustrations, the rules, the boards themselves, and the descriptions of the games will give you the opportunity to explore more than just the world of games-you will become familiar with the history of different cultures and peoples and with the art of gamesmanship.

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Almost all board games are imitations of situations in real life. Some depict moral themes; one example of this is the Royal Game of Goose, a race game in which fortunes change suddenly as you land on different squares representing the trials and rewards of life. The role of good luck and bad luck is even more dramatic in Snakes and Ladders. By simply landing on the head of the snake on square 97, your piece must slip all the way back down the snake’s body to square eight! Both of these games reflect beliefs about luck and life and were often used to teach children moral lessons about the relationships between good and evil.

Board games have also been used to teach children basic facts and information about the world in which they live. Numerous games from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, such as The Mansion of Happiness or An Eccentric Excursion to the Chinese Empire, were used to teach morals, geography, the natural sciences, mathematics, and history. Sometimes the names of board games or even the playing pieces themselves reflected a specific historical event or personage.

ALQURQUE is among the oldest of all board games. Examples of the game have been found dating from 1400 B.c.carved into the roof of the temple of Kurna in Egypt.

ALQURQUE is often called the "Royal Game of Goose" because it is said that the first Goose game (Giuoco dell'Oca) was sent by Francesco de Medici of Florence

ALQURQUE is often called the "Royal Game of Goose" because it is said that the first Goose game (Giuoco dell'Oca) was sent by Francesco de Medici of Florence

HALMAa battle game in which your only weapon is your ability to plan ahead, was an extremely popular board game invented during the second half of the nineteenth century

MANCALA games are some of the most intriguing and oldest two-player strategy games in the world. One version of these games, Kalaha, was played more than 7,ooo years ago throughout Asia

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